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About Us

My Grandmother persuaded me to start making Tipis. She gave me the pattern and said “With every new Tipi please say a little prayer asking to bless everyone that enters this lodge, If you don’t feel good while you’re making one, wait until you feel better to finish it. And always remember this very important thing, What ever it is you put into making a new lodge will come back to you three-fold”.

I knew she was gifting me with something very close to her heart! We are happy to share our world with all of you.

In Memory of My Grandmother

Tipis are great for Schools, Day Care, Outings, Gatherings, Talking circles, Back Yards, Camp outs, Powwows, Teaching aids, Weddings, Extra guest rooms, Temporary or Permanent housing, Movie rooms, Hunting, BBQ and serving areas, Parties, Play houses and much more. Some friends of mine have even given birth to a child in Tipis I made for them.

My son and I are available for classes, or lessons, teaching traditional tipi set up. Rates vary depending on your location and scheduled needs. Please contact us for more information.