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Need to Make Your Tipi Poles Easier to Haul

If you plan to be transporting your tipi poles often, but feel that they are too long to carry on your vehicle, here is an excellent solution: Tipi poles can be easily sleeved together in the middle using plastic PVC pipe. Use “schedule 40″ PVC pipe that is 1-1/2″ in diameter and 16” long. (Longer for 24′ to 30′ poles.) Cut the poles in half and carefully taper the cut ends so that they fit snugly into one-half of the sleeve.

A draw knife is the best tool for the job. Don’t worry if you accidentally shave an end a bit too much. A snug fit can be easily created using one or two wraps around the pole with duck tape. Tap the PVC sleeve half way down on one of the prepared pole ends, for each individual pole, and the job is done!

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