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How Do I Set Up My Tipi and Set the Poles?

The length of the poles should be 4′ to 5′ longer than the diameter of the tipi.
Open the cover out flat, right side up (the smoother side of the seam is the right side). Select 3 (4 poles) of the strongest poles for the tripod. One pole is laid on the cover, with the butt end next to the door (4 Poles-one pole will be on either side of the door opening) even with the bottom hem and the other end extending past the tie between the smoke flaps. The other two are laid on the cover, side by side, approximately one-third of the distance around the bottom of the cover. Once again the butt end is even with the hem and the other end extending past the tie at the top. Tie the three (4) poles together at a point approximately 15″ below¬†the size of your tipi. EX: 20 foot tipi measure 18′ 9″ from bottom. The poles should be tied together firmly, but not extremely tight. When the tripod (4) is set up, the knot will tighten and if it is too tight, the result could be broken poles. The poles should be tied with a rope long enough to reach the ground plus 4′ or 5′ extra, so that it can be staked down in the center of the tipi in the event of strong winds. The tripod (4) is then set up by walking under the poles. Spread the tripod (4) apart so the ends are spread evenly in the approximate diameter of the tipi. Starting at the front, stack the rest of the poles in the crotch at the top. Save two of the longest poles for the smoke flaps and leave one pole out directly opposite the door. Take hold of the rope hanging down from the tripod poles and walk with it to the outside of the frame. Walk the rope around the circumference of the tipi poles three times to wrap all the poles together at the crotch. The remaining length of rope should then be brought back inside the frame and staked to the ground at the center. The cover should now be rolled up from both side to the center, having the tie at the top exposed. Slide a pole under the cover and tie the pole to the cover, using the tie at the top. The butt of the poles should be even with the bottom of the cover. Have someone hold the butt end to the ground and lift the pole and cover into the open spot left at the back of the frame. Unroll the cover around the frame. Starting at the top, put sticks in the holes that hold the front of the cover together. The left side goes over the right side. Stake the bottom out and adjust the poles so the cover lays smooth. Put the ends of the two remaining poles in the pockets (or slits) provided at the top corners of the smoke flaps.

Use three round pieces of wood cut at 3 sizes, #1 (top) at 3′ , #2 (center) 4′-5′ and #3 (bottom) at 5′-6′. Tie a piece of rope about 5 feet long on one side the two top loops, even up wood inside pocket, fold back top ends evenly on both ends towards tipi. Use the rope around the one of the lacepins to attach the door so the weight of the bottom rest inside the two stakes at bottom of tipi entrance.

It is best to set your tipi up where it will get as much Sun light as possible. Check the ground for mold first, if there is mold or mildew on the ground, it will grow on the tipi cover and damage cotton fabric very fast.

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