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Fire Safety

NEVER EVER leave a fire unattended inside a Tipi and ALWAYS have water or a fire extinguisher handy. All fabrics treated with fire proofing can catch on fire. I do not recommend an open fire in a tipi smaller then 16 feet. Fire proofing treatments, once exposed to the elements, will not last very long- so fire safety is always your number one safety concern.

Fire proofing can be naturally created by the smoke of a very small, very smoky, fire centered in the Tipi.

Make a 2 foot round, contained area, with rocks or bricks in the center of the Tipi. This will be more than large enough for the very small fire needed to keep it warm inside the Tipi. Leaves work well and some oily woods for creating smoke. Light a small fire, add some natural unpainted wood items to the small fire until you’re able to get some smoke.Wearing a mask is healthy but you’ll notice the smoke will be forced from the fire towards the top of the Tipi. THIS IS THE MOST LIKELY PLACE FOR FIRES TO OCCUR.

It is very important to Never let the flames reach any higher than a foot or so. Choose woods that are not likely to POP in a fire. That’s it, from this point on it will take care of itself, with an always watchful eye tending the fire.

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