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Fire Safety

NEVER EVER leave a fire unattended inside a Tipi and ALWAYS have water or a fire extinguisher handy. All fabrics treated with fire proofing can catch on fire. I do ...

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How Do I Set Up My Tipi and Set the Poles?

The length of the poles should be 4' to 5' longer than the diameter of the tipi. Open the cover out flat, right side up (the smoother side of the seam ...

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Need to Make Your Tipi Poles Easier to Haul

If you plan to be transporting your tipi poles often, but feel that they are too long to carry on your vehicle, here is an excellent solution: Tipi poles can ...

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Water Proofing Mildew

Tipis do not require preconditioning: The tipi has very steep sides and water will not be able to accumulate on the canvas. Your tipi may shrink due to weather conditions, ...

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Where Do I Find Tipi Poles?

I recommend, to everyone that asks, to call their local Parks Department before buying them from a Pole farm. Ask the Parks Department if you can purchase or be issued ...

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